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Meital Manzuri is a fierce trial attorney whose experience, expertise, and dedication to excellence have earned her a prominent name in the legal field. Meital Manzuri has in depth experience in criminal defense, marijuana and drug law, medical marijuana business counseling, DUI defense and drug possession and sales.

Criminal Defense

Meital Manzuri aggressively litigates each criminal case, defending people who face both California and Federal charges, including: theft, marijuana and drug charges, DUI, fraud, violent crimes, murder, manslaughter, robbery, arson, sex crimes. Ms. Manzuri is a seasoned attorney who has built the necessary relationships, giving her invaluable insight and making her a priceless asset in any case.

Her ability to persuade government agencies, judges and juries alike on behalf of her clients has lead to an incredible track record.

With substantial experience handling search and seizure issues, Meital Manzuri has consistently succeeded in the suppression of evidence unlawfully obtained by police officers. Her preparation and performance in the courtroom speaks volumes about the concern, dedication and passion she has for her clients.

Medical Marijuana Business Law

Since 2008, Ms. Manzuri has been focusing on prosecutorial misconduct and the legalities surrounding medical marijuana and the Compassionate Use Act. Her tenure includes some of the biggest Federal Medical Marijuana cases to date, the successful return of several pounds of medical cannabis to patients, the dismissal of countless cases, and complicated collective defenses and acquittals.

With Ms. Manzuri's courtroom experience, she is uniquely defending those accused. She knows what a potential prosecutor, judge, and jury look for, in order to earn a dismissal, reduce the charge/s, or an acquittal. Depending on a particular medical marijuana business' needs, Manzuri Law will advise you on how to incorporate, draft the necessary internal and external documentation, advise you on dispensary/grow locations, as well as perform risk assessment to be in compliance with California and local law, to avoid arrest and/or prosecution.


Meital Manzuri received her bachelor's degree with honors from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After a year in Buenos Aires learning the politics and economics of Argentina, she attended and graduated from one of the most competitive and prestigious law schools in California, U.C. Hastings. While in San Francisco, Meital Manzuri worked with the well-known criminal defense firm, Pier 5 Law Offices. There, she worked intensively on her first complex homicide case.

International Criminal Defense

In 2007, Meital Manzuri moved to Amsterdam and worked for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Her colleagues included some of the most renowned attorneys in the world and she spent a year defending the former General of the Yugoslav Army, accused of mass expulsion and extermination of the Albanian population.


Meital Manzuri has been sharing her medical marijuana and business law knowledge as an educator since 2009, teaching at Oaksterdam University, as well as offering seminars throughout the year, to fellow attorneys, entrepreneurs, and law enforcement agents.

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